Headwrap Tutorial: Twisted Top Bun Tutorial

Take a twist on the top bun style and tie your Urban Afrique headwrap in a twisted top bun style!


1.  Place a bun on top of head:

  • If you have long hair or braids, tie your hair up in a bun. 
  • If you have short hair, place a rounded wrap or round foam on top of your head.   

2. Place headwrap behind head.  

3. Pull the ends of the headwrap and cross both ends of headwrap.  

4. Start twisting both ends of the headwrap.

5. Keep twisting to a reasonable length to wrap around your head.

6. Take both twisted ends and wrap behind the head, one end over the other.

7. Take both ends and complete twisting the ends.

8. Tuck in the ends of the headwrap. 

Music: Paris - Friendly Fires (Aeroplane Remix)

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